Baby soap bars stacked on a white table.
Baby soap bars stacked.
Close up of baby soap bar that says "Enamour".


Pure Baby Soap


There’s nothing our pure baby soap won’t clean with the gentlest touch — baby’s face, hair, fingers, toes... and everywhere else. 

Énamour baby soap is made with the fewest possible ingredients — six to be exact — all natural and plant-based with names you can pronounce. 

We began with 20% organic shea butter, then added the right amount olive and coconut oil to create an all-purpose soap that is natural and unscented.  

Despite being a soap for sensitive skin, it doesn’t take long before everyone in the household starts using our pure baby soap. Natural soap feels better: why wash yourself with a long list of unpronounceable chemicals when you can feel fresh and clean with natural ingredients? 


Olive oil, coconut oil*, shea butter*, soy wax/soybean oil*, water, sodium hydroxide. *From organic farming.


140 g


Gently rub the soap on wet hair and body. Rinse well. Keep away from the eyes.