Affirmation cards on a white sheet.
Hand holding the affirmation cards on sheets with a crystal beside them.
Hands holding an affirmation card that says "the sun has my hand, the moon has my back."
Affirmation card that says "I am grounded" surrounded by pink flowers.
Affirmation card that says "I trust the gentle wisdom of my body."

Musings From the Moon

Affirmation Cards


Affirmations open the door to change.  Be focused and gentle as you soften the noise that hurts you and encourage the life-giving seeds to grow.   

You are already using affirmations with every thought you think. By repeating supportive affirmations in an atmosphere where they can grow, we can influence our emotions, our actions and our entire lives. 

Suggestions for using the cards:

1. Shuffle the cards and select one that you feel drawn to without looking. Treat this affirmation as a message from the universe that you should focus on.

2. Choose one or two affirmations that you'd like to embody that day, week or month. Place the cards somewhere you will see often and whenever you see it, gently affirm the message to yourself and trust it is affecting your vibration.


44 designs per pack (double sided). 
Each pack comes in a handmade drawstring bag.