Here at Bare Sunday we put a lot of thought and into our sustainability efforts. Not only do we carefully select the products in our collection (we have some big love for the brands and companies we work with), but we also consider all the other facets of our business that go beyond the products themselves.
We always want to be transparent with you and share everything that we are currently doing in terms of sustainability. 
  • Our tissue paper, boxes and mailers all come from Econclose and are 100% recycled. Plus if you're like us you can save all of these to be re-used every year at for wrapping birthday or Christmas gifts.  
  • Our stickers are FSC certified, made on acid free paper (so no chemicals are left behind when it decomposes) and are printed with soy ink. They were ordered from noissue
  • Our tape is also from noissue and is 100% recycled, FSC certified, water activated and printed with soy ink. 
  • If you have received any of our love filled packages you may have noticed we like to include two card inserts. These were custom made by Moo and are made from 100% recycled t-shirt offcuts. 
  • We have used a custom wooden stamp on our packages for branding purposes to avoid any waste. 
  • We have set up Cloverly on our site to give customers the option to offset their carbon footprint. 
The Collection
  • Our collection is small and focused on timeless quality products, avoiding seasonal items. That can be passed down through multiple kids and will last the test of time.
  • Many of our products are created in a small batch production.
  • We aim to carry eco-friendly and certified materials that are natural and organic
  • We focus not only material and longevity of a product, but the way they are created. We like to our ask our suppliers what their production processes and practices are like. 
  • We support brands with similar values, view our list of brands here.  
  • We avoid plastic in the supply chain wherever we can. 
Our Office
  • Our office is paperless, we manage all of our documents online. 
  • Almost all of our office furniture it second hand. 
  • We re-use any shipping materials we receive wherever possible. 
  • We always aim to buy wood and natural products. 

We are always working to do our best and each day is an opportunity to improve. We love receiving suggestions, and if you have any questions please get in touch!