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A bit about us

Bare Sunday is run by two sisters - Katie and Kristina - living in Guelph, Canada. Kristina is a mom of three littles and after lots of research she found items that brought her and her family joy and wanted to share them with others. 

We aim to keep it real, connect with mamas, and bring them and their littles joy through beautiful, ethical, and eco-conscious pieces. We know joy and self love come in a variety of forms - we are simply sharing ours. 

Here at Bare Sunday you will find a collection of pieces that are both functional and beautiful. We select each product carefully and look for items that are timeless essentials, natural, ethically produced, earth-friendly, and are provided by stores that share our values. We encourage mindful purchases that will last you for years to come and bring you genuine joy. 

We are excited to share these natural, mindful, sustainable, beautiful, and ethical pieces.