Why We Choose Natural and Organic for the Family

It is over the last few years that natural and organic products have gone mainstream- which we love. But we remember a time where we were rolling our eyes at our mom and aunt who would go on-and-on about the benefits of such products (and yes we realize we are now a mom and aunt that can’t stop talking about the same things- please don’t be rolling your eyes!).

There are just too many benefits to ignore. So lets bang this out logically:

Natural and organic products are going better on the environment, whether it is something going down your drains, clothes being recycled or children’s toys. The earth will more easily accept these products than some chemically based synthetic stuff.


Better for the bod. Our skin is our largest organ, and it adsorbs the things we put on it. Therefore, putting harsh chemicals on your or your cub's skin is not good for our body's insides or outsides. And just because you aren’t rubbing it into your skin doesn’t mean you are off the hook. Think of the little ones who put everything into their mouths and crawl all over the floor. We bet organic toys and floor cleaners are making more sense now.


Products often are not regulated as strictly as they should be. Especially for brand new cubs, reducing their exposure to random chemicals we can't pronounce is usually for the best! 

Opt for organic and natural when you can, you won’t turn back!

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