What is Simplicity Parenting?

It is called simplicity parenting, so we’re gonna keep this nice and simple.

We all want to be able to give our kids whatever they need to succeed in life, they are our little humans and we love them. We want them to grow up and be the best versions of themselves. But many of us forget what it is our kids really need from us. Hint hint..It's not the newest or fanciest toy, but stability and simplicity.

Baby on Basi Baby linen play mat playing with teether.

So why simplify?

Kid are developing, their minds are not like ours. They cannot handle the same amount of constant stimulation and distraction as adults (heck, sometimes even we need to take a break from it all). Kids are navigating their sense of self and that can be very tricky when they are constantly experiencing high levels of stimulation which often leads to stress.

By simplifying our kid’s life, we are allowing them to live in a more calm and secure way. Being bombarded with information and distractions is too overwhelming for them, and despite what some companies try and tell you they do not need to grow up faster. Their natural pace is the right one.

Let’s talk toys. We’ve all seen the toys that claim to better develop a child’s brain, or received that trendy yet unnecessary gift. Too much stuff = too many choices. Pick the simple toys, the ones that a child can pour their creation into, not ones that are emotionally stiff and have already been finished with no room for imagination (check out our other post on minimalism & kids).

Limiting the amount of toy options in your home doesn’t have to be a waste, donating is always a great option. And if you can get ahead of the game before they pile up then thats great too!

Now play.

Play is so important for little cubs, and we’re not talking organized sports or extra-curricular activities - kids need to experience a deep creative play. It is best to let this kind of play unfold when there are less distractions, fewer toys, and they have some unscheduled uninterrupted time.

Kids need this time to explore their imagination and engage themselves and the more simple the toy the more it can become. Think of your favourite toy or way to play as a child? It was most likely something simple that you could adapt and create with, not a fixed toy or game whose only possibility was to break.

Child's hand reaching for wooden egg toys.

So next time you are thinking about how you can best set your child up for success, or if they need that new toy you've been seeing all over social media, take a step back and go to the basics. Do they need it? Will it actually help them? Will it enhance their imagination? Do they have time for it, or will it cut into their time for deep play?

Remember, less is more.

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