Minimalism & Kids

Let's talk minimalism & kids

Many parents out there think they can't practice minimalism because they have kids.. if this is you, we are about to change your mind! 

Make the switch from chaos to calm. 

Minimalism benefits so many different aspects of life. It isn't just about getting rid of items (although that is a small part of it). Minimalism is about living with intent - instead of just making it through the day you are going to rule the day. It's about getting back down to our roots and the basics that allow us to appreciate the little things. It's about getting back to nature and connecting with one another. 

Child creating a rainbow with play-doh.

If you want to start living in minimalistic way, it's important to make this a family decision. No little human is going to be happy about this new lifestyle thrust upon them if all of sudden half of their toys are gone and they have no say in the matter.

Start by changing your own habits and lead by example. Then when your kiddos seem interested by the idea (which they will, let's be serious all kids just want to grow up like their parents), explain the reasoning behind it and help them start the process.

For kids you can make fun games and challenges to help them be involved in the process. For example, who can go longest without watching tv? Or explain how donating toys that go unused will make other kids so very happy. Kids who grow up in a minimalistic home are often less entitled, more gracious, have a wilder imagination, better social skills and are all around more happy. 

Make memories not purchases. 

By having less things and items to fill your day with you will notice you have some extra time and spending money on your hands. For us, this is the best benefit of minimalism. You have time to spend together as a family, and with the money you save you can invest in experiences instead if items. These memories are the things you and your kids will remember forever. 

While everyone lives in different circumstances and not all families function the same we feel everyone should give minimalism a try. There is such beauty in simplicity and by living with intent and choosing how you spend your time and money you will open yourself and your family up to many new experiences. 

If you're ready, here are some steps to get you started! 

  • Get yourself organized first and lead by example 
  • Include your kids in the decision if you want to make it household wide and explain the reasoning behind it 
  • De-clutter, think Marie Kondo and determine if something really does bring you joy 
  • Get bins to store the things you want to save but don't use in everyday life 
  • Before you purchase an item think if you truly need it 
  • Start your day with an understanding of what you want from it (do you want a productive day at home? or an exercise filled day exploring the outdoors? or a quiet day inside to re-charge?) This will help you make the proper decisions on how to spend your time. 
  • When deciding what kids items to keep - like art projects -  think if they will be happy you kept it 20 years from now 
  • Choose experiences over items, choose the calm over the chaos 

We aren't perfect minimalists but we love learning new techniques and enjoying the calmness it brings into our homes. 

Hey mamas, check out how to create a mindful baby registry to live more minimally before the chaos of kiddos hits!  

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