How to Create A Mindful Baby Registry

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A new baby joining the fam is going to rock your world (in the best way), and good news - having a baby does not mean that you need to throw your mindful and earth friendly lifestyle out the window. 

The great thing about already leading a mindful lifestyle pre-baby, is that how you shop has become habitual. Chances are you have a little mental checklist that you use to decide whether or not an item/purchase is right for you.

Creating a registry should be a fun process, and when you have a clear idea of your values it does not have to be overwhelming at all. 

A quick note:  You may be wondering what we mean by mindful and earth friendly?

When shopping it means making purchases with intent, buying what you need and not just what you want. Being mindful is considering what your dollar supports - environmentally, socially, ethically, etc. The goal of leading a mindful and earth friendly lifestyle is to only have items that serve a purpose, and bring you happiness. You want to have a space filled with items that are gentle on the earth and our little ones. A space you love. 

Below is our best advice on how to create a mindful baby registry:

Keep in mind almost any item can be considered 'optional'. 

When it comes down to it, your baby needs very little - the most important thing you can give them is your loving care. No matter what a baby registry checklist says or that friend swears by, do not feel as though you need it all.

Your baby's needs are dependent on your family situation and personal parenting choices, and every family is different! Which is why there may be items (and quantities of said items) that you may not personally need. What may be optional for you could be a necessity for other families. 

And remember - as much as society can try to convince you that a baby needs a certain item, you are in no way a bad mom for choosing to opt out of these products. You do not need all the latest and greatest things to be an amazing Mama.

Create a mental checklist of what you value and wish to consider when choosing an item. 

Here are examples of criteria that you may want to be mindful of when looking at a product:

  • The material - is it natural and organic? Can it be recycled? Perhaps it is made from recycled materials. You want the material to be gentle on our earth and your little one (check out our post on why we choose natural and organic products for the fam).
  • The colour and design - gender neutral colours are always a good idea. You also want the item to have a functional and timeless design. This will be helpful in being able to use the same item for multiple babies regardless of gender. 
  • The quality - items that are built to last may cost more but will save you from having to re-purchase it if it breaks, and are better on the environment. Also, items that are built to last will last through multiple kids!

Additional things you may want to consider or prioritize are:

  • How the product was made - ideally it is made following sustainable and ethical practices. 
  • How eco friendly is the item? Consider the environmental impact it takes to produce the item.
  • What is the lifespan of the item? Selecting items that can evolve as your baby grows may cost more upfront but be worth it in the long run!
  • What will you do with it when you no longer need it? Perhaps you will be able to donate it or hand it down to other littles. Or maybe it can be recycled. 
  • Can you support local and small businesses in the process? 
  • Can you purchase it second hand? Or have items handed down from family and friends if possible?

Aim to support companies and brands that care about the environment and their business practices. 

There are so many wonderful companies out there that prioritize sustainable practices and the impact they have on the environment. This could look like providing earth friendly products, supporting brands with similar practices in place, considering their shipping and packaging supplies, using recycled materials for branding, avoiding plastic, etc. 

We also love to support local and small businesses (check out our brands list here). It is an easy choice to support a small business that has the same values that you do. They often are a more earth friendly choice and we love how much they care about providing you with beautiful, quality pieces. 

Do Your Research

Take your time and browse registry checklists online. Look at product reviews on various websites. Fall down that reddit hole. Ask fellow mamas about their experiences. Get to know your options and you will be able to form a better idea of what you need and what items suit you best. 

We will also be sharing a registry list for baby (and Mama!). This will be a list of items and brands that worked well for us and our little one. Take or leave what you wish, what was right for us may not be right for you! It's your call Mama :)

When in doubt, wait.

We know. This is the last thing a nesting Mama wants to hear. You want to be as prepared as possible and have everything at the ready for when the little one arrives. But honestly, there are some things that you can wait and see if they will actually be needed (or at-least purchase a limited quantity of initially).

Use the platform Babylist to create your mindful registry. 

There are many stores that you can create a baby registry on (believe us - Kristina did her research), but you are then limited to what that specific store has. With Babylist you can add almost anything to your registry. You can add items from any store (big or small), local shops and makers, or even requests for help/favours (second hand clothing, a yummy cooked meal - you name it). The beautiful thing about this is that you can curate your mindful baby registry filled with all of the items that you truly want and need. 

And do not worry, Babylist still offers all of the features that traditional registries do - an image of the item, price, quantity needed, and a space for additional notes on details such as colour or size. Gift givers can also mark an item as reserved or purchased so you do not get duplicates. The only difference is you click through the URL to the website that the item is listed on and purchase it there. 

If you can't tell already we loved our experience with Babylist and highly recommend that you check it out.

We hope that you find these tips helpful, and we will be sharing our mindful and minimal baby registry checklist with you soon! 
Have a happy day xx
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