10 Steps to Being More Earth Friendly

It can be very overwhelming when you become aware of your impact on the environment and want to make a change. Where to begin? What is realistic for myself? Do I need to get rid of everything I own that is plastic? (That’s a hard no).

It is so important to simply be aware and mindful of the choices you make.

These 10 simple steps are a great way to kickstart a more eco friendly lifestyle:

1. Buy a reusable water bottle

  • You’ll drink more water (which is great for the body)
  • You’ll save money (no more purchasing plastic bottles
2. Keep reusable grocery bags in your car
  • This will make it much more difficult to forget them
  • If you do end up at a grocery store without them (its bound to happen) see if the store offers compostable bags!

3. Next time you need a new toothbrush go the bamboo route

4. Get some containers- glass or steel is best (but if you already have plastic use those) Bonus: Buy silicone 'zip lock bags'

5. Go digital whenever possible

  • Say no to bank statements, junk mail, receipts, invoices, anything that can be emailed should be emailed (who needs all that paper cluttering their life anyways!)
  • It’s a better for keeping records of everything anyways

6. Go to a bulk foods store with your containers

7. Compost

8. Say no to the little stuff- “It’s only 1 straw..said 8 billion people” , if you don’t need it don’t take it

9. Try more plant-based meals (we need to do another blog post on the crazy impact this has on the environment - so stay tuned)

10. Go to a farmers market instead of a grocery store
  • There is less packaging for items
  • Better produce options
  • You will save money
  • Farmers markets are the bomb diggity and it's awesome to support local

    Bonus for the ladies: switch to a menstrual cup- it will save you money in the long run, it lasts 12 hours at a time, plus you’ll be saving your inside lady bits from absorbing all the chemicals in tampons.

    Going 0 zero waste is a long yet very rewarding process and these steps are a great way to get started. Do what works for you and remember every choice you make does make a difference! 

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